About the team

Maria Thomas

Hello, I’m Maria Thomas, and I lead on the HCEP. I split my time between working at the University of Hertfordshire and running my own business, The Music Workshop Company. My work at the University ranges from lecturing in both the School of Creative Arts and Hertfordshire Business School and being the Employability, Enterprise and Outreach Champion for the School of Creative Arts. I’m passionate about the Arts, and when not working I can be found playing oboe and saxophone or visiting theatres and museums.

Imrana Mahmood

Hi, my name is Imrana Mahmood and I am the Project Officer for HCEP. My main responsibilities include managing the day-to-day activities of HCEP as well as supporting the strategic vision of enhancing access to the arts for young people. As a freelance creative producer, I am passionate about by providing platforms for underrepresented voices through more collaborative and inclusive approaches to arts engagement. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, writing poetry and eating chocolate.

Robert Wheatly

Hello! I’m Robert Wheatley, and I run the official social media platforms for the School of Creative Arts at the University of Hertfordshire, and also assist in the coordination of the School’s outreach programmes, including HCEP. I’m a BA (Hons) Journalism and Philosophy graduate from this same University, and use my editorial and critical-thinking skills to showcase the brilliant creatives of our School of Creative Arts as well as their innovative, inspirational work. In my spare time, I’m doing photography, working on art, going for walks, playing video games, and learning how to speak German